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Mamas and Papas Flo Baby Carrier

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Natural way to carry your baby - The Mamas & Papas Flo Baby Wrap is 100% natural cotton and the most natural way to carry your baby, dating back centuries. The versatile length of fabric is tied around your body in one way, which is then used for each carry position.

As the wrap is one length of fabric it will fit to your body shape. Tried and tested by parents for centuries - initially harder to use, but after the first fit you'll have the hang of it and will enjoy the versatility and natural feeling of carrying your baby.

Having your baby close to your body lets them hear your heartbeat and smell your scent, reassuring and comforting baby and encouraging the bond between parents and baby while they feel safe and secure. Also as baby is upright in a carrier, they help ease discomfort for babies with colic, reflux or wind, and facing forward as they grow is stimulating as they see their new world ahead of them. Another huge benefit for you is you can be hands free in your day to day life, and have baby with you at all times - indoor and outdoor!

Why Buy Me:

- Traditional natural wrap has four carry positions that allow you to adapt to your lifestyle
- 100% natural cotton is soft on your baby's skin and fits softly to your body giving a natural comfortable feeling when wearing
- The most natural carry position with no buckles or zips

Features & Benefits:

- Simple to use - just tie in a knot to secure
- Allows baby's weight to be distributed evenly
- Unique hand sleeve gives you added security
- Compact - folds up small and easy to use at any time
- Machine washable at 40 degrees
- Allows you to travel hands free but keep your little one with you

Flo includes: 1 x long fabric wrap

Age suitability: Birth
Childs weight: 3.5kg - 15kg

Age Guide: 3.5 - 15kgs
Includes: 1x long fabric wrap


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