Tolo Toys Baby Driver
Tolo Toys Baby Driver

Tolo Toys Baby Driver

Tolo Toys
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Brooom Brooom! With a squeaky horn, clicking and moving gear stick and a turning, rattling wheels with spinning arrows you are in for hours of driving fun!

The suction cup base means it can securely attach onto most surfaces.

Development Skills:
- Colour Recognition
- Hand and Eye Co-ordination
- Reasoning
- Hearing
- Dexterity 
- Judgment
- Sound Recognition
- Touching and Gripping

Play Guide:
12 months +
- Use the suctioned base to attach the toy securely to a flat surface
- Encourage your little one to explore the toy independently. Does your baby recognize the steering wheel - like the one you have in your car? Does he or she discover that the wheel and gear stick move, the dials spin and can they use the squeaky horn? If not show how these features work.
- Show your infant how to grip the steering wheel and pretend they are driving a real car - just like Mummy and Daddy. Look out for the people! Can your baby go faster? Can they make the sound of a real car?
- Help your child's language development by talking alot about what your baby can see on their "drive"
- Praise any efforts at role playing and imitation - role play will become an important developmental play tool and your child will be able to role play more effectively when a little bit older

Approx Product Dimensions: 18.5 x 13.5 x 16.5cm
Age Guide: 12 months +
Brand: Tolo Toys